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St. Bernard-St. Hedwig parish is located in Thorp WI, Clark County. The parish has a rich German and Polish

history. The first St. Bernard Church was a wooden structure consecrated in 1887. The present St. Bernard Church,

a brick building, had it’s cornerstone laid on July 28, 1914.

The first St. Hedwig Church was built on the outskirts of Thorp in 1891, with

the new brick structure completed in 1906. In 1974 the two parishes were joined

together and became St. Bernard-St. Hedwig. The St. Hedwig Church remains

standing but is no longer functioning as a consecrated church. A private

foundation is trying to restore it but not as

a church. The parish celebrates the

sacraments and Sunday Mass in what was

known as St. Bernard’s and is now known

as St. Bernard-St. Hedwig.

Both St. Bernard and St. Hedwig each had

a parochial school. The schools were also

joined and are now named Thorp Catholic

School which is maintained by the parish.

The school has a chapel to accommodate the school children for a weekly

Mass and daily parish faith enrichment: either Masses, benediction

communion service and Eucharistic adoration.

St. Bernard's-St.Hedwig's Mission Statement

We, the parishioners of St. Bernard-St. Hedwig parish are committed to strive, with

the help of the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the gospel, celebrate the sacraments, and

serve others through the love of Christ. We center our parish life in the worship of

Jesus in the Eucharist and hearing His word. We foster the deepening of spiritual

life through prayer, education and Eucharistic adoration. We shall provide

opportunities for faith formation of all ages, so that all may grow together in their

knowledge, love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Original St Bernard Second St Hedwig Church Building
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