St.    Bernard    &    St. Hedwig        parish invites               all people   to   live   in the     Kingdom     of God    established    by Jesus   Christ.   We,   the   parishioners   in faith    &    hope,    are    commissioned    & called   to   share   the   Love   and   Life   with others   through   our   gifts   &   talents   to make the community alive.
St Bernard St Hedwig Parish
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Our Centennial Prayer Lord Jesus, truly present and alive among us, we come to You as one body, the one community of St. Bernard-St. Hedwig Parish.  In our care for each other and in thanksgiving to God for the blessing of 100 years, we celebrate the anniversary of the construction of our parish church, St. Bernardís, where we share, forgive, ask and pray for each other.  We want to celebrate where we have been, how we are all connected and give gratitude to those who sacrificed and came before us.  We pray for further growth, reverence, respect, love and service to each other and our God.
A Catholic Community
Weekly Mass Schedule Saturday 5:00 PM St Bernard St Hedwig 8:00 PM Czestochowa (Last Saturday of each month) Sunday 8:00 AM Holy Rosary 10:00 AM St Bernard St Hedwig Monday 7:15 AM Thorp Catholic School Tuesday 7:15 AM Thorp Catholic School                                  (Communion Service) 8:30 AM Holy Rosary Wednesday 8:15 AM Thorp Catholic School Thursday 8:30 AM Holy Rosary 7:00 PM Thorp Catholic School (Benediction-Close of Adoration, followed by Communion Service) Friday 8:15 AM Thorp Catholic School